Rookie Team in Grave Need of Help

Yes we’re still trying to finish our robot and we have run into another problem:rolleyes:. How do you connect belts to each other into an O. Please help we’re desperate.:ahh: :eek:

What type of belt? Different belts have different methods.

for plastic belts you melt them together, for gates belts you need “alligator” belt clamps, they are really big staples meant for belting material

Don’t panic… everyone in FIRST has been at this stage at one point or another, and there are probably close to 1,000 teams around the world feeling the time crunch the same way you are.

Photos and/or sketches can help teams suggest alternative arrangements that you may be able to consider. If you just post a question you will get the best answer people can give… but a visual allows people to make alternative suggestions.

If you are unable to solve this problem prior to ship date, document EVERYTHING about your robot. Take LOTS of photos with a ruler in the photo next to key parts to record size and position of parts. Take the photos from many angles, preferably from a distance, with the camera zoomed in to get as close to a flat projection as possible… but any photo with a size reference will be helpful.

Read the rules surrounding fix-it windows in the game manual. If you are not going to a first weekend regional, you may have a chance to fix a problem and show up at the regional with a fix in hand.

Finally, if you are still stuck, there will be several veteran teams at your regional who can help you out. If you KNOW you are going to have problems, see if you can contact a couple of the teams in advance and ask if one of their mentors might be able to take a look and offer some suggestions and assistance on Thursday morning. Otherwise when you get to the regional, ask for help sooner, rather than later, from the teams around you in the pits.

But first… this site might put you in touch with a local supplier who can help you out with finding the part you need. Pehaps they already have a belt the right size just waiting for you!