Rookie team lost only programmer and need help.

We built a robot that has a 6 wheel drive system or tank drive without tread and we need help coding the robot to work with a Xbox controller and our shooting arm to work with a joystick. I have tried to learn how to use eclipse and have figured out a little bit but not enough. Would anybody be willing to teach me at least the driving portion so I can teach others on my team and do the arm on my own or help me get the code done for this year and I will learn on my own later?

Hey, I can try to help out. Can I take a look at what code you have? Or do you not have any?

I would start with Brad Miller’s videos. Pretty much will get you going step by step.

If you’re not set on using specifically java, python is a pretty easy language to learn. Especially if you’re a beginner.

We had a robot donated to us for demos that has octocanum/butterfly drive system and our programmer got the code set up but did not teach anyone how to do it before he left. That is the only code we have and it is for a joystick and we are using a xbox controller for drive and joystick for shooting.:wink:

Given that you’re at the end of week 5 with no programming done, you need to take stock of your resources. Do you have anyone who knows anything about programming in C, C++, Java, Python, or Labview? If so, use that language. If one of the first three, go through the screenstepslive pages for the language; they’ll show you how to set up a tank/arcade style drive and even control some fairly basic arms and intakes. They even have some full-up samples ready to drop onto a robot if you’re willing to wire to the same channels they used. National Instruments has similar resources for LabView. I’m not familiar with the Python resources, but I know they’re out there. You should be able to get through the basics based on these tutorials and then come back to CD or another support site with more specific questions.

I think the fastest is to take one of the sample code that resembles most to your robot and make minor modifications to it to match your robot. You should be able to have a runnable TeleOp by this method. Then you need to prioritize what you need to get working next and add code for each subsystems one at a time. With your current situation, I would give up autonomous.

We do not need autonomous just need TeleOp, Correct. But we do not have any code whatsoever and everybody on our team knows almost nothing about coding. Where do I go to get sample code I have eclipse and all the first stuff installed/:rolleyes:

Where do I find the sample code?

If you have Eclipse and all FRC stuff installed, you can click “File->New…->Project” then you will find at the bottom “WPI Robot Java Development” and underneath that you will see “Example Robot Java Project”. Select that and click “Next”. Then you have a whole list of example robots to choose from. If you are planning to have a drive base that does tank drive, you may want to look at the “Tank Drive” project. Please look through the list and find a robot that most resemble to your robot.

For XBox programming, Team 4276 created a small class that maps the XBox buttons to their respective buttons and axes. Hope this saves you some time. (324 Bytes) (324 Bytes)