Rookie Team Members How Was It

Or may I say “how is it”. For some of you this might be the first time you were part of FIRST, for others you came from other FIRST types(Fll,FVC).

I know for me, I have been part of a rookie team in both FLL and FVC(now FTC). I also have volunteered at different FLL events, including World Festival(full time, show up wed. leave sat.), and an mentor for a FLL team(I have come full cycle). I have to say that I have seen a part of FIRST that I did not see from other parts…It just makes me fall in love with it in a whole new way. I have yet to be involved in a FRC event, but being a spectator of some I can only image how awesome its going to be.

So tell us your story, what you think of it and what not, but please remember that the competitions are something that you just don’t leave and forget about not long after.

This was pure crazy.
I’ve never had this combination of stress and fun.

Definately amazing and stressful but fun.
Its kind of sad now =’ but at least theres
still competition

Agreed. Especially when we were almost done this morning then ran into some major problems.

6 weeks of my life poured into the veins (or should I say circuits) of a robot, let’s hope it was worth it…(crosses fingers)

Mhm, I’m not on a rookie team and I’m a veteran at FRC but it’s good to see how rookie teams can relate to how much of the individual’s life on the team is intertwined for 6 wks with a robot. Much blood, sweat and tears goes with being on a FRC team. (…or on it? Lol it’s a funny story)

more than amazed, I realized tomorrow I have something called a “life” a word that has been over my head these last 6 weeks, almost weird feeling…
it was just awesome! I was looking back at some old pictures where we were opening the box of parts and I was sitting there soaking wet from the storm thinking “now how in the world do they excpect us to make something out of this mess of parts?”
I just can’t believe we did it (not only we did it, but did it with out any major injuries/damage/ or small fires) :stuck_out_tongue:

Reading this thread makes me all nostalgic over the past two years, and this year even, seeing the challenge and wondering how we’ll do it, then shipping a purpose-built robot.

To the rookie teams: Welcome to FIRST. Enjoy your stay.