Rookie team names....

so we have all heard of the techno kats, robo devils, leet crew, etc…in this thread come up with new names for teams…hey maybe one of the rookies will like what they see and adopt it

i want to see the
robofrogs, or the gadget giraffes

First off…it’s TechnoKats with a K.HAHA I do totally agree that we need some new names. I want to see an off the wall name like The Dora Explorers’ or something really odd. We have too many Techno this and Robo that :stuck_out_tongue: , time for some new prefix for team names! Anyone else agree? :]


I agree - I’m still waiting for Cyber Red, Green, Yellow, Purple, and the ever majestic “Fushia.” :]

Wow, named after me! How wonderful :wink: You did that on purpose I know it!

Anyways, nice thread! =D I think I’d like to see some funky random ones, not related to FIRST or Robotics at all. Like my team for example. Some fun names to do with the number, or just an interest all of them have outside of the Robotics realm. Fun stuff. =D

The Kamenites! :smiley: Dressed exclusively in denim

we have a winner…they could get levis straus as a sponsor

8 lbs bolwing balls
od childds
(I always thought these would be good band names but they could be subsituted)
How about:
Burning Crumpets?

Again, I state… “This sounds like a classification for rocks, or an actual mineral.”

I’m waiting for someone to anme their team Shaka Lake Boom(!).
If my ld high school East joins up I think they should call themselves the Orient Express (they are the East High Orientals).

How about the Herb-Roasted Phoenix!!! Haha. Jk. That’d be a horrible name.
What about the platinum sprockets or like… the thinger majiggers. lol.

At least one rookie team should name themselves “The Rookies”

but what happens when they get older?

They change the name :stuck_out_tongue:

237 went through…multiple name changes before it stuck with “Sie-H20-Bots” & “T.R.I.B.E.”

Back in the day…I remember the team name decision was done at like 7:30 in the morning (when team meetings were held before school started…for reference, this was in 1998, prepping for the 99 season)…we chose…“The Black Magic Team” and “Sie-H20-Bots”. I still blame some of that decision on the collective lack of caffiene of the group. :wink:

Note: “Sie-H20-Bots”, for those who are confused, is a mix of a couple of names…“Sie” for the Siemon Company, our original main sponsor, “H20” meaning Water, for Watertown, and “bots” is pretty self explanatory. If I remember right, we were coming up with names that mostly mirrored our mentor team, the Nonnebots, which is a mix of “Nonnewaug High” and “Bots”

It was then changed in 2000 to “Sie-H20-Bots” and “The Sunseekers”, if I remember, to convey a more positive image.

It was then changed again in 2001 to the “Sie-H20-Bots” and “T.R.I.B.E.” TRIBE stands for “Taking Robotics Into Bolder Experiences”. If I remember correctly, it was chosen to convey our unity as a team. I also personally thought it fit in well with Watertown High, since they are the “Indians”. We ended up having a “tribal” theme that year, complete with PVC digeridoos (which is still in my closet at home).

What surprises me the most out of all of that is that the term “Sie-H20-Bots” has stuck around for so long. It’s a mouthful to cheer, and it needs explanation, usually two deterring points toward a team name. But, I’m glad it did…for nostalgia reasons, really. In a community where I feel pretty darn old, knowing something you were a part of creating is living on today feels really awesome.

The “Rookie Drivers” were at Chesapeake. Great yellow shirts with a “Rookie Driver” bumper sticker theme.

Like Jessica said, they change their name. But for their rookie year, I think it would be a great name. I wish I had thought of it so I could use on 1353 last season.