Rookie team: New website

We are a rookie team, and we have our website up :]

if any of you have suggestions, please let us know:).

come check it out!:D. thankyou.

mahalo&aloha from maryknoll robotics team- hawaii

I would suggest making the home page have more content. Instead of having a short bullet list under “The Team” and “Team Goals” I think those should be short paragraphs describing where you are from, who you are, mentors…etc…

Other than that, its great!

Looks like a great start. More pictures on your progress would be good. Your team pic looks good when zoomed in - maybe give it a little more room on your page.

Congrats on your first website! If you look at the game manual, section 5.28 covers the Website Award. The criteria listed for the award are good to follow, even if your team isn’t planning on submitting to the regional for the award…