Rookie Team Numbers?

I know I probably missed it a thousand times, but thats just how I am, but what were the new roookie’s of this year team numbers start?

P.S. Sorry if I am bring this topic out from the grave

the 2300s


I believe the 2008 rookies go from 2330 to 2681.

Both answers are correct, since FIRST skipped numbers 2288-2329 between the 2007 and 2008 rookies.

Do you know why they did that?

I presume to leave space for spin-off teams, who should get numbers in the same range as the original team’s rookie year. Why they need so many, I’m not sure.

spin off teams?

Sometimes, a team splits for whatever reason. The team that doesn’t keep their number (or any teams that don’t) and doesn’t want to get a rookie’s number will get an available or unassigned number from previous years.

What are some reasons as to why teams split? I know team 375 split and formed team 522 because the school split or something.

I know from my mentor that RV and our school robotics team split because of the arugement over should the students build. and so was born Team 816. Or something along those lines

What is RV? How could you have an argument over that?

Depends on the team; 340 and 424 (Rochester, NY) are the result of 340 having too many team members and splitting off 424; 64 disappeared suddenly (result: 39 and one or two other teams)…

But many splits result from disputes within the team, unfortunately.

RV- Rancocas Regional High School AKA. Team 87 Diablo

Good question but it was an arguement

Where did the V come from? What was the argument like though and what were the two sides?

If there’s an argument that splits the team, you don’t ask what it was like/about and what the sides were. That’s asking for trouble. Let the fact that it was an argument suffice.

RV-Rancocas Valley

I believe he explained what he heard the argument was over earlier in this thread.

oops I forgot the Valley in the name, hehe. its Rancocas Valley Regional High School. And I believe it my mentor wanted the students to build the whole robot themselves and the RV mentor wanted the students only to assemble the pieces and the mentors make the parts, tomorrow i’ll see my mentor (he’s also my shop teacher) and I’ll ask him again. but I believe it was that. at least what I recall.

Well I was interested in the topic of the argument itself and what the sides could be exactly. I guess there is a thread somewhere on Chief Delphi with those with both views posting in them.

Normally, that’s the kind of thing that you a) don’t want to know or b) would drag you in. You get me? There are MANY threads here on that very topic, yes (seeing as it has been released), but 90% + have been locked because tempers flared. That’s another reason not to get involved if you don’t have to–innocent bystander gets hit kind of thing.