Rookie Team Numbers?

In this case it wasnt much of a temper flare thing, they just split and really if it was its long gone this happened after the 2001 season but yeah lets keep it at what Eric said.

Some splits also happen because the team gets too big for all the kids. A few schools have a boys team and a girls team.


Eh, Actually. 375 (Staten Island Technical High School) and 522 (McKee High School) have never had any “robotic” affiliation. You’re probably thinking of 371 (Curtis High School). Back in the day it was Curtis and McKee under 371, the team went by the name of “CMOS”. A few years later, the RoboWizards came to be under team number 522. By the way, all of the teams mentioned are in Staten Island, NY. :smiley:

I guess I misunderstood. Last year when I visited your lab I asked about mckee’s affiliation with Staten Island tech (because of PSAL and MSIT) and I guess I misunderstood. He did tell me that the two schools used to be one school though and thats why you share sports teams.

ooo nick causing all this talk. The past is the past. The two teams splits and nothing can be done about that. No bad blood between us. Our Advisors are actually good friends with some of their mentors and advisors. And the only reason there was a split was because our Advisors did not like the way the team was being run.

HEy I tried ending it.