Rookie Team Parade

Hey all,

I know my team browses CD from time to time so I thought I’d post here how proud I am to have a rookie team that built a parade bot while on the middle of build season. There were well over 10k people at the parade and we were able to hand out over 3500 fliers to our STEAM Expo event being held at our Center in March.


I’m loving this rookie coaching thing. To see FIRST for the first time again through their eyes is amazing.


How could you possibly get over 10,000 people?

At the parade, 10K people.

And given that it’s in Louisiana and getting close to Mardi Gras, 10K is a relatively small crowd from my understanding.

Did you set this parade up yourself, and was your team the only attraction, or did you just join a large parade?

It’s Carnival Season here in Louisiana. So we were part of our local Mardi Gras Parade. I’m actually underestimating the numbers as it was 2.5 miles or so and packed on both side of the street. Parades are huge deals here.

Yeah, I was initially shocked because I thought you meant that you had set up a parade only for your FRC Team and were somehow able to get 10,000 people to show up. Great job, though.

As someone who was born and raised in the midwest then spent 4 years in “mardi gras area” I think this might be the biggest understatement I’ve ever heard…

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