Rookie team with Jag trouble

Went to a scrimage yesterday to try out the robot and ran into the following problem with our jags. using tank drive format we found when we made a quick fully open to fully reverse movement with the joysticks we would stall with the jags on for one side blinking red and 1 time 1 jag from each side blinking red. after recycling power the jags would go back to blinking yellow but as soon as we enabled they would go back to red. After letting the jags sit for awhile they would then start working again does anyone have any idea on whats going on. we think its a over current issue due to the quick changing of direction. If this is it, how can we keep this from happening again?

If it is due to quick changes of direction, as you suspect, then the way to fix it is to use software to limit the rate of change of direction.

Here’s one possibility: Whenever you’re going forward, keep a “reverse limiting” value reset to zero. Whenever you’re not going forward, let that limiting value decrease at a constant rate toward -1. If your current joystick value is less than the limiting value, send the limiting value to the motor instead. Do the same thing but upside down for “forward limiting”.

The Jags have both over current and over temperature sensors on board. I suspect you are experiencing the over temp as they are still in fault when you power cycle. The fault conditions remain for approx 3.5 seconds after the fault has been corrected. If it remains when you power cycle, I suspect the jag needs to cool down. Are your Jags out where they can receive cooling air? Have you followed the installation instructions as far as mounting?

I would also check how you have the Jaguars wired. Are you sure they are wired into a 40 amp slot on the Power Distribution Board? If it isn’t, you may be tripping a breaker when you quickly switch directions.