Rookie Teams at Championship 2012

Hello CD

With 59 rookie teams currently registered for the Championship event it’s sure to be a crazy event. A large majority of these teams won the Rookie All-Star award, but there are a few that did indeed win their regional competitions.

So we know that we will have about 15 rookies per division, I can see the battle for Highest Rookie Seed will be intense!

Who is going to be submitting for the Championship Rookie All-Star Award?

3929 will be making a run at Championship RAS.

4146 is shooting for Rookie All-Star as well. We’ve also made a lot of improvements to our targeting system over the past 4 weeks and hope to be a contender for top rookie seed.

Team 4159 will also be submitting for the Rookie All-Star award. We’ve done a few outreach projects so we have to tweak our essay and video a bit more, but that should be done very soon.

We’ve also been working on image tracking so our teleop. scoring is more accurate. We’re going all out for CHMP.

In the past, ALL Rookie teams at Championship are interviewed by judges for eligibility for all applicable awards. So there is no “submitting.”

Good luck to all the Rookie teams!

I’ll put a plug in here for the 8th Annual All Rookie Meet and Greet which will be held on Friday, April 27th from 6:15-6:45 pm (at the close of matches). We are still finalizing the location - and will provide that in an invitation that will be delivered to the Rookie Team Pits on Thursday morning. This event is hosted by FIRST Team 1511, Rolling Thunder. See the full announcement at :

Yes, but it has kind of become the Rookie Team version of the Chairman’s Award. They interview every team, but teams are welcome to submit a chairman’s essay and video.

3997 will be going for rookie all-star too. Good luck to all the rookies at this year championship.

4183 will be there: We won Utah Regional Rookie All-Star. We’re upgrading our bridge lowering mechanism, and we hope to do well among the rookie teams.

Yes, but please remember that they are not obligated to read your essay or watch your video. So you had better hook them when they come to your pit!

I Should rephrase my original post, but yes the are in no way obligated to look at anything we give them.

Team 4057 is excitingly looking forward to championships this year! We were chosen for Rookie All-star at Autodesk regional and we are all looking forward to the chance of visiting St. Louis. Good luck to all other rookie teams out there and we are happy to get a chance to see you guys there :slight_smile:

team 4320 going for the rookie all-star :smiley:

Team 4055 will be trying for the Rookie All Star award and will also be competing even harder with our new and awesome stinger. Hope to see you there!

TEAM Tesla 4086 from Twin Falls, Idaho, will be there after being named RAS at Silicon Valley. Looking forward to meeting all of you!

I had the pleasure of meeting Team Tesla at the Silicon Valley Regional, and they guys and gals are very impressive.

At the same time, I am very happy to be a part of this rookie class, as a few of us started a rookie team here in the Kokomo, Indiana area. Look for team 3940, CyberTooth, in the Curie division with our purple powder-coated robot. The students are all excited to be able to compete with the best FRC teams in the world in St. Louis, and eager to make some new friends.

We even got to practice tonight at the TechnoKat (45) shop with some other local teams (234, 261, and 447) and pulled off a QUADRUPLE balance! (We’re the skinny practice robot in the middle with the illegal bumpers) That was fun!

Andy Baker

Hmm Fultz and Baker Quadruple balancing together - have you decided on IRI rule changes already? :slight_smile:

counts as 4CP on the middle bridge?

I have the final count as 62 Rookie Teams! Congrats to all of you on your success so far!

I hope you’ll be able to make time to attend the All Rookie Meet and Greet on Friday at 6:15 (at the end of matches!) The event will end at 6:45 giving teams time to make it to the ball game for the first pitch!

Watch for the invitation in your pits on Thursday Morning!

Can’t forget 4130, Devil Robotics. They’re also competing for Rookie All-Star. They have a really good defensive bot.

Team 4028 is excited to go to St. Louis! We will be competing in the Galileo division among some truly amazing teams.

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how many rookie teams won their regionals and will be in St Louis?

Congratulations to all rookie teams!! Good luck to you all