Rookie teams in Houston

There is never much talk about Rookie teams. I want to change that. I’m going to start with Peachtree District rookie teams (as that is what I know best).

In order of number:
6325 - Reset Robotics
Reset Robotics is probably one of the most well know rookie teams in the world. They are most well know for their marketing and design, standing out from not just rookie teams but also most veteran teams. Their robot is absolutely beautiful. Unless you see the number, you would never guess they are a rookie team. If you have not seen it already, you need to check out the LEDs on their robot. Their robot is their biggest problem. It is not very consistent. However, when it works, it is not half bad. Reset Robotics has won Rookie All-Star, Rookie Inspiration, and Highest Rookie Seed at their qualifying events. At the District Championship, they won Rookie All-Star. I believe Reset Robotics is a very strong contender for Rookie All-Star at the FIRST Championships.

**6340 - Marist Screaming Eagles **
Marist has one of the best robots in the state. Although they look like any other rookie team, their robot performs amazingly. They consistently score high and engage all 4 rotors. Besides their robot, not much stands out about them. They have won Even Finalist, Event winner, and Rookie All-Star at their qualifying events. At the District Championship, they won Highest Rookie Seed and Rookie Inspiration. I believe they are a strong contender for Rookie Inspiration at the FIRST Championships.

6705 - Dunwoody WildCat 5e
WildCat has one of the most surprising robots. Although it doesn’t look like much, it preforms very well. They were able to get the 4th rotor multiple times during the District Championship and made it into the semifinals. Like most rookie teams they do not do much outside of their robot. Until recently they did little to no marketing, however they are starting the change that (after seeing Reset Robotics I assume). They have won Highest Rookie Seed and Event Finalist at their qualifying competitions. They won nothing at the District Championship. They have some potential at the World Championships.

Overall there are some good Rookie teams coming from the Peachtree district this year. Now I want to here from you about your area? Tell me about the rookie teams you know of going to Houston.

Team 6377 (The Howdy Bots) from the Austin area is one of the most outstanding teams I’ve met out right. They’ve established themselves as if they were a ten year team with a great set of speaking skills and gracious professionalism. Their robot is phenomenal for just a team in general, great gear delivery system along with a solid hanging mechanism.

Also forgot to mention they qualified for Houston Champs via the rookie all star award.

Team 6554: The Phoenixes

At the Orange County Regional, Team 6554 rocked a fantastic robot capable of up to six gears per match, consistent climbing (nearly 100%!), and smart driver skills that not only played great offense, but great defense, too. After going 8-2-0 in qualifications, the Phoenixes earned a spot as the #6 Alliance Captain. Their assembled alliance consisted of themselves, Team 3476, and 4619. Quarterfinals were a breeze for the “Phoenix-Code O-Hawkbot” trio as they hit 4 rotors in both matches. Semifinals was a different beast for them, but 6554 played to the best of their ability in all three matches.

Despite being knocked out in Semifinals, the Phoenixes of Team 6554 were able to earn Highest Rookie Seed and Rookie All-Star at Orange County, earning them a slot at the World Championships in Houston, TX.

Looks like there will be some really good rookie team in Houston! I can’t wait!!!

So to confuse all you dyslexic people out there (me included!) Both teams 6314 and 6413 qualified as rookie all star’s from the 2 Arizona events. 6413 qualified at 7th in Flagstaff and competed in the quarter finals in both events, while 6314 qualified 4th in Flagstaff and 3rd at Arizona West, making it all the way to the finals, losing to the number 1 seed alliance headed up by team 330. The matches where we played together were entertaining, if anything else to listen to the announcer trying not to get us mixed up :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if any other Arizona rookie teams made it or not, so I apologize if I missed you!

Team #6314 “The Wolfpack” won the Carver division and finished #3 at Einstein!!! :yikes:
An AWESOME experience, and I still can’t belive it

You’re right!!! 6314 / 6413, I can’t tell you how many time drive coaches showed up at our pits with the wrong scouting stats :wink: funny

Wow! Thanks Jacob! It was an incredible season. We can’t wait until next year!

Howdy Bots Mentor
FRC Team 6377
Austin, TX