Rookie "What's Next" Video Feedback

Last fall, we created a rookie “help” video that started with what happens after the robot is built. It covered bag and tag, shipping, pit preparations, inspections, getting on and off the field, alliance selection process and packing up.

These were distributed by AndyMark to any rookie team that ordered from them, either with FIRST Choice or a regular order.

We are planning to do a “Version 2” of the video, and are looking for any feedback from rookie teams.

Please comment here or send to [email protected] and it will forward to the team leads.

Did you receive the DVD?
Did you watch it?
Was it helpful?
Was it easy to navigate?
What could we add to be more beneficial?
Was the distribution method effective?

Thanks for any feedback.

As far as I’m aware, we didn’t receive such a DVD, or at least our team did not take a particular interest in actually watching it. After reading what your team put into it, I’m disapointed that we didn’t take the opportunity.

Is there a way I could help with this project, as we are starting a regional here in Calgary, and need lots of rookie stuff. :smiley:

Feel free to PM me or just respond on this thread. Again, sorry for not checking out that DVD, wish we could have.