Rookies and first timers headed to Detroit World Championships

Hey Rookies and First Timers headed to Detroit! Since there isn’t a lot of it going around here in Chief Delphi, I thought I’d let you know a few tidbits and things you’ll want to know.

So, going there last year for the first time in Detroit and headed up this year, there are some things that were unexpected/new to us. Last year there were 400+ teams in Detroit 50-70 teams per division. There are 6 divisions, Curie, Tesla, Darwin, Daly, Carson and Archimedes every division has their own field, each field when going into Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Finals will expand to hold the pits of those who compete meaning if you are selected in alliance selection your pit goes to an area closer to the field for easy access and must be easily transferable to the field. When you enter Finals you will be able to bring your pit into the field area for an easier access for repairs, fix ups, check ups etc. This is a big thing to happen what is even bigger is Einsteins, Einsteins is a “Championship ring” of FIRST that usually takes place in a different building ex: last year it was Ford Stadium. Winning alliances from each of the 6 divisions get to compete against each other in more Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Finals matches representing your division. Anything further than Einsteins winners I do not know of or there may not be anything else, correct me if I’m wrong. Now for some fun little pit things, Unlike pits at regionals, the pits here are HUGE If you look from your pit you will probably not see the opposing wall or either walls of the Cobo Center, due to the massive pit area, every future regional you go to will seem small. Parking tickets are also very expensive, try to reserve spots in Detroit beforehand because it already is a major automobile city and to have FIRST Championships it really packs every lot nearby. There should also be FIRST travel suggestions on the first inspires website or you can probably find it here in Chief Delphi. Another thing for pits, if you are a technician or you are part of the driveteam, pits are easier to navigate when you are transporting your robot, there are usually rows separating divisions so that you can easily drive your cart up and down the rows as if it is a road, sometimes there are even two long rows that go in between all of the divisions straight to the practice field with signs pointing towards it, beware on all rows there are more people, more robots and possibly more things you’ll need to look out for as the driveteam. When you load your trailers in, yes there is still a 5 representative load/unload rule, it makes it go faster and easier without a “traffic jam in the dock” now, the loading docks for the Cobo Center are much bigger so that many teams can unload at once, many volunteers will be able to point you in the right direction and get you going they’re there to help you unload safely as well as load and safely direct you to your pit. Another fancy thing about pits, rather than displaying matches like you normally would at regionals, the championship provides internet cables so that you can easily connect to your field, get ranking statuses and more! This is so that no one is using internet from the Cobo Center and interfering with the field which can delay it a TON if everyone did the same as they did in regionals displaying matches, this is why they have the internet cables. Each pit should have a cable, if not or if yours happens to be broken, I’m sure you can ask another team that isn’t using it if you can use it, they probably won’t mind. A bonus for the souveneir/T shirt people, you can buy T shirts, hats, etc. at the competition although they will not be cheap, some can reach as high as $40 although food is not expensive sometimes, you won’t be paying $6.00 for a slice of your favorite pizza, last year pizza was around $2.00. Also,if you eat lunch outside, look across the lake, there’s Canada how cool is that!? So in the end I’d like to leave off with, this is a big, big event, stay safe, show gracious profesionalism and good luck teams!

Sincerely, Ryan Brown 6032 Pirate Robotics

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It’s even cooler when you realize that your looking SOUTH to Canada! :flushed:

These are great observations. We were there last year and I’d agree with your summary.

To clarify, that body of water is actually the Detroit River. You’re likely to see some freighters go by as they navigate between Lake Huron and Lake Erie.

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:joy: It’s just cool to see another country even if I can’t touch it lol

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