Rookies: gather with me to cower in fear.

I have absolutely no idea what we are going to do.

We can’t even find our optical or limit switches in our kit, or the 20 meters of pneumatic tubing. We have about 15 members, none with experiences. Our faculty guy is an MIT grad, but hes a scientist, not an engineer. Our Boeing mentor guy looks like he doesn’t know whats up either. We are so lost.

But hell. I forgot. I am a teenager and therefore godlike.

I dunno, well think of something. Myself and whoever our future alliance partner sure as hell hope so.

Actually . . . these panic attacks only hit me every few hours . . . for all the rest I’m incredably excited. I had no idea it would be this cool.

Me and my teammembers want to do a stacker. I’m working on some more mechanically oriented engineers to supliment our Boeing areospace guy, and funds also, which is looking up so far. I can’t wait till monday where we start to get our ■■■■■ in gear to get this thing going.

We have bunches of good, easy to build/operate ideas for a stacker . . . … just need to find a good [CONFIDENTIAL] supplier to get us some good [CONFIDENTIAL].

hee heee, just kidding.

soo, other rookies out there . . . . scared? crying for your mommies? excited? not going to respond cause your too busy with your kit?

This should be a fun year, I look forwards to working with a team in March

(any other STL teams? . . . . thats where we’re located. We may have a chance to work together later on . . . . )


Buddy, chill…

If you look through the forums, you’ll notice a lot of teams are missing parts from their kits. Everything from the tubing to 40 amp breakers and so on…

My first piece of advise, read the manual. Read “The Game” and “The Robot” sections twice or three times.

My second piece of advise: BREATHE…

ok, enough for me…

I’m from a rookie team…and so far, so good…no fear here:)

FIRST is known for shipping stuff late so there will be an update either on tuesday or thursday about it

dispite what was said about this year’s game not being “fair” to rookie teams, i think it’s actually quite a rookie-friendly game… wei’ve got a pretty decent idea for a bot that should be effective, but shouldn’t take long to design or build.

keep working!! everything will fall in place.

Calm down buddy, It’ll all be okay. Everybody panics about this at some point, no matter how long you’ve been around. Design Design Design, Build, Take apart, Build Again, Take apart, Perfect.

I think perhaps the joking nature of my first (haha, that punny!) post was missed . . .

sure we are frazzled, but we are confidant.

Thanks anyway,

team 343, metal in motion, has absolutely amazing engineers who will be more that happy to help you with any questions or problems you have. feel free to post your questions here or on our website message board please be specific with your questions so they can give you the best answer.

ps- no guys-this is not a kiss up! they really are great!

Dont Panic now, wait til the last few days.

Uh…we’re not panicking…yet:p:rolleyes: …but seriously, we’re actually suprised at this year’s game…15 seconds of completely no driver control…This is going to be awesome!!!(We actually have someone on our team who specializes in this:)…) The strategies are endless!!!

this is kinda like what lego league has to do, so anybody that has had their hands in that aspect of first should be able to do farely well. What i like is more use fo the optical sensors. Our team is used to working with these, heck we made a blind drive system, so this year will hopefully play out into our favor :slight_smile: