Rookies Seek Electrical Wiring Help!

So I’ve figured out what parts need to go where when it comes to the IO Module, the analog breakout, and the solenoid. I’ve found the printouts of the pinouts. But along the male pins, do you wire the pin to each pin via breadboard, or do I solder a bunch of wires??? :confused:

Be specific. What device(s) do you wish to connect?

I have an IO Module Pinout that states that the (for example) the J2 column pin P0_0 is connected to an Analog Input 0.

I’m assuming the Analog Input 0 is located on the Analog Breakout, right? If so, they are both male pins on either component. How are they connected?

For starters:

Control cables:

Power cables:

Have you looked at the pdf titled, “How to Set Up Your Robot Control System 2011 FRC - LogoMotion”?

Scratch that … not a lot of help.

Are you trying to connect the cypress first touch i/o module?

Can you provide a link to the documentation you’re looking at?

I’ve been told I’m looking at the QuickBuild files. If that helps you at all. Scroll down to FRC Game Manual Section 4

I’m using the QuickBuild packet off the USFirst website. It’s under the FRC Game Manual, section 4.

I think you’re referring to the Cypress module. Search the chief delphi forums for “Cypress Tutorial”. I’m pretty sure that unit is supposed to connect up to the driver station NOT the cRIO.

I see you’re in Terryville! Send me a PM. I’m in Bethlehem, probably 10-15 minutes away, and I work with Team Beta, Nonnewaug High School’s team (in Woodbury). I’m sure we can help you guys out locally.

What he ^^ said is probably best.

In any case, please avoid soldering anything directly to any pins on the cypress module for now. It’s nearly impossible to un-do that, and it’d not be good to have to buy another.

They do sell connectors for those pins, they’re called “0.100 header” connectors. Look at for some examples of male & female connectors (the males are soldered to the PC Board, females go to wires, like the PWM cables in the KoP)