Rookies, what has provided your teams with the most trouble throughout the season, or during competitions?

I am genuinely interested in what has provided rookie teams with the most trouble throughout the FRC season. If you don’t mind sharing, please do!


We also are very interested in this question, but I’d open it up to teams up to 3 years old. We see “spreading the message of FIRST” as Growth=New Teams-Dropouts. We want to help teams transition over the difficult hump from rookies to self sustaining veterans. That’s the point of our instructional videos. Rather than focusing on starting rookie teams that soon fold, we focus on making them better, to reduce dropouts. So, new teams, what knowledge would help you the most (other than how to get more money).


This was discussed in another thread already but we had trouble making accurate gussets/brackets with only a bandsaw and drill press. Sometimes took us three tries for the guesset to fit. So I guess like how to become better with these kinda machines/tools and what practices to implement to improve accuracy.

Precision. Getting that with a drill press is hard. Another thing is mounting gearboxes. There don’t seem to be any templates for that.
(Second year team)


KOP😎. I found that putting the mounting screws on the gearbox and then electrical around the location where you are mounting works pretty well. You press the gearbox into the mounting location and the screws indent the tape and then you can center punch.

That is a really good idea! Thanks

Start building only to figure out you need a special tool 10 minutes in and getting set back a week waiting for my school to process the order.

Limited to 8 hours/week practice time under Texas UIL rules.

It would be great if there was a complete list of tools/basic equipment that are necessary, similar to Spectrums but more complete.

That was something that out is back weeks, because we didn’t have parts and had to order them from all-soldout AndyMark

Two biggest troubles have been getting committed mentors and precision machining. As we have grown in the past 2 years we have just this season (year 3 2019) acquired all of the hand tools and power tools we need.

If you can get a local machine shop to manufacture a jig, it can make drill press drilling much easier. If you would like, I could send you some CAD for the jigs of a gusset so you get an idea of exactly what I mean. Pm me.

Year 3 and and I think half of our improvement is due to just having more stuff (tooling and robot parts). This saves us weeks compared to our rookie season. We now have a box of versaplanetary stages and 3 robots worth of pneumatic cylinders and motors. We can build anything. Prototypes that would have taken a week our first year can be done in a few hours.

If we break a PCM or cook a 775 there is a spare. We didn’t have that safety net year 1.

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