To all rookie teams out there, I was wondering how your were dealing with this years game. I know that a lot of veterans are having problems so i just wanted to hear how you were holding up.

Well, we managed to complete our robot and everything works. We had a few bugs we had to fix but it was no problem for us. Most of the work was done by us and we only had 2 part time Engineers, and 1 Programmer to help us. We cut the metal, we put it together, we wired it, everything. Anyways,… This year, our robot is able to stack boxes, and even orient the boxes so that we can stack them easily even if they are laying on its side. Another thing is that we’ve managed to stay under 130lbs.

our team’s first meeting was the monday after kickoff. we got our bot done in time to attend a pre-ship scrimmage. we have a working ('though simple) auto-mode. and we’re VERY excited about the UCF regional.


Well, our team was able to finish the robot and its programming…while not quite in time for the SCRRF scrimmage at Chatsworth (0022). We had 1 Team Leader/programmer/chief animator and trainer/video/electronics guy, and then a hodge podge of people working on hardware. Our robot has great traction and turns well, can pick up 5 boxes at once, has autonomous mode running, and a very powerful program…considering this is the first time that I have ever really touched PBASIC.

Our team met for long hours, and we drove ourselves hard and fast to get the robot finished. Props to my team for their selfless dedication to the project, spending at least 5 hours on it everyday, with minimal help from the engineers. It would have been helpful to have had a metal shop though…

Well we managed to get it built. It works (at the moment). We are able to lift tubs and even able to orient them (although it is slow to orient them). We attended an scrimmage in Denver but didn’t have an auto mode at the time and broke in the first competition. We fixed it and have a basic auto mode. I just am afraid that it will break again :frowning:

For any rookies that will be at Pitt, WMR, and/or Buckeye: If you need any kind of help, just come find someone from our team…we will do whatever we can to keep you guys up and running (most of us have TONS of experiance w/ quick fixes after last year):yikes: