So…the Championship’s over…does that mean we’re no longer rookies? :slight_smile:

Seriously, when are rookies not considered rookies anymore? Now, or not until next season starts? I was wondering about this earlier. What do you guys think, or is there an official distinction?

I think right when championships ends, because you have experienced competition, either regional and/or nationals. Welcome to the veteran side.

So, now can we be considered tried and tested veterans? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not until the next rookies come along. Remember, this is still new to you guys!

it’s tough to decide. we need some median term for the rookies of this past season. maybe “new veterans”.

As soon as the Championships are over you are no longer a rookie, you are experienced, once next years new teams sign up then you are veterans.
just my 2 cents

Back in my day, Dean would always congratulate the rookies at the closing ceremonies during Nationals. In case you missed it, I’ll do it for you.

Congratulations to all of the new teams this year. You are no longer rookies. Welcome to the FIRST family of veteran teams. Now my homework for you guys is to go out and get the people in your areas interested in FIRST.


<edit> Bah, Kyle! You beat me to it! </edit>

personally… our team stoped considering ourselves rookies once we got to the semi finals in great lakes and got highest rookie seed and all-star :smiley:

so i would have to say… . once you become a ‘picker’ … your stepping into the realm of veterans :smiley:

ty jake

For me, you are no longer a rookie when you have played your first match in the Championship arena. Sometime Friday morning you crossed over, congratulations!

That one only works if you qualify for Championship your first year. :wink: As of our wrap banquet this year, I will stop referring to our group as rookies.

When you realize the spirit of FIRST, embrace it fully, and do everything in your power to cheer for and aid every single first team in the competition, you are no longer a rookie. When the students on your rookie team ignore the latest football game for the new episode of Nova, you’re no longer a rooker. When you fall asleep and dream of gears pwm cables and truly believe that the IFI controller challenges the greatest Monet, you are no longer a rookie.

Congratulations to the rookies this year, btw. I was VERY impressed with not only your robots but with your spirits - I met teams that had spirits rivaling teams of 7 years, even when they fell into last place.

And don’t believe for a second that your age diminished any respect we hold for you, rookies. With each induction of a mind into our program so too does creative ideas come. So too does the quality of the program improve.

Once you have completed your Official Competitions, then you are no longer rookies. At post-Championship Off-Season comps you may still be first-year teams, but no longer “rookies”. You’ve been through the grinder already and you have survived as a team! Give yourself a great big pat on the back!

Now, next year, since you will enter the competition as “seasoned veteran teams”, we will expect to see top-notch scouting, world-class spirit, record-breaking pit crew, comp team par excellence, and mentoring at least two or three new rookie teams just like all the veterans this year did! :smiley:

You only THINK you’ve finished for the year; you’ll find that at FIRST the year is never finished!

But for some of us (you’ve seen me post this before) we are still rookies and still learning our lessons - we consider ourselves entering our seventh rookie season. After six year’s of being a rookie team - we kind of like it.

And some of us keep trying to start new rookie teams and joining them. w00t to the possibility of my third straight rookie season! I’ll get that Allstar one of these days! :stuck_out_tongue:

all things considered, woohoo! (my highly scientific analysis)

it feels good not to be a true rookie anymore, and to know that the whole process really is possible, despite what it might seem like sometimes

the relief of being done has worn off, i now miss spending 20+ hours a week in a room with no windows. hehe.

I’d think you are a rookie until you win something at any competition, especially nationals, or at least make a name for yourselves.

Otherwise, you gotta wait til next season to start and the new batch of rookies to come in.

The WRRF awards the highest seeded rookie, at the Cal Games, in October.
It would appear that for some environments, you are a rookie team until
you register for the next seasons FRC kickoff. This is not a bad thing…

Generally, I would consider a team no longer a rookie, once they have spent a whole season in FIRST: preseason, build, competition, and summer/offseason. (ie in our case, we started over the summer last year, so we are hitting the end of our rookie season now).

But to be honest, my team stopped acting like rookies as soon as we held our preship scrimmage. They all of a sudden seemed to know what FIRST was about, they wanted to help other teams, they showed wisdom and spirit beyond their rookiness :slight_smile:

Me… Im a third time rookie, and loving it! But sad… As my third time, I know that the rookie year is always the best… it offers the most excitement, the most spirit, and there is always a point where you see that glint in the students eyes for the very first time. Rookies, enjoy it!

This team has been absolutely amazing, awards or no awards, and continues to suprise me. Our seniors are already making plans to come back next year and mentor, or to run off to college and start new teams! (Oh no, more rookies! hehe)

Sorry I digress… anyways, all the rookies this year were so amazing… and rookie class of 2005, congratulations! and you all better be back next year!

We’ve discovered that; the list of the things we want to get done in the off-season has grown to such a length that I have to take off my shoes and socks to count them…and I think I may need to grow a few more toes soon.

Get ready. I’m already thinking of ways that your experienced team, can help the real rookies, the teams just forming now. I was just talking about your team today…