Room design drawing package wanted

I’m looking for an easy to use room design package. While I could use Solidworks to layout the new robot/electronics space, the designer of the rest of the house could use something simpler.

– needs to have basic shapes
– bonus would be to have predefined tables, chairs, etc.
– ability to click on a wall or window and enter the length.
– be able to put stairs in drawing
– 2D is fine (its a 4 level split level, 3D just adds to the complications)
– Local install vs web is preferred
– Need to be able to save multiple versions (ie, empty room, design 1, design 2, etc). Most of the online versions choke at this.


Have you looked at Autodesk Homestyler?

It looked like it was web based, was searching more for a install local. Thanks!

Microsoft visio actually works pretty well for floor plans

Just to close the loop in case someone is looking or in the future needs one to lay out their space.

I looked at 5 of room layout programs both local based and web based.

I ended up with Sweet Home 3D It has a very simple to use drawing tool to draw out the rooms. There are tool tips that tell you how long the wall is that you are drawing and how far to the next wall.

There is a great deal of preloaded items (tables, chairs, window, doors, etc) that can be moved in place. The software knows that you can see through windows and doors, so when you spin the model around you can see what the room will look like. When you are positioning items the distance tips let you know how far away you are from the wall.

Some of the rooms in my house have windows high up on the walls, it’s easy to change the parameters to say that it starts at 48 inches up instead of the normal 30 inches

Cost is free. It runs very well on my 2Ghz laptop with 4GB of memory.

Thanks to everyone that replied.