Roommates for Championships

It may be a little early to start this, but why not?

I’m planning to travel to St. Louis for Championships this year and am looking for people to share a room with. I’m a college student planning to volunteer(not affiliated with a competing team). I don’t really have any restrictions, but would prefer fellow volunteers that are over 18.

I would be there for 5 nights, Tuesday through Sunday, and with 3 other people, we could get a room for under $200/person

If you’re interested, send me a private message. Everyone else, feel free to post your, or your team’s, plans.

Have you received the volunteer code to reserve a room this early?

No, I’m actually not even registered as a volunteer yet. This thread was more for making connections so when the code does become available, we could act on it faster.

I’m passing on FIRST’s rates and I’m going to use AAA or Xerox to get my room instead. I want to see if I can avoid paying $125 a night for a room if I can.

$125/night? it’s called getting roomies :smiley:

A Quad through Steel Meetings at the Holiday Inn Convention Center for 5 nights ends up being $155/person total, not per night.

just saying

Edit: Let me know if you get a decent AAA rate. If it’s any better, I might use that instead.

If at all possible I’d rather avoid getting roomies if I don’t have to (we adults actually covet our sleep). Found a hotel for $80 but it’s not too close to the dome. There’s one for $49 but REd Roof Inn is on my permanent DO NOT USE list after after the Kettering Kickoff Incident a few years ago (come to think of it FLINT is on my DO NOT STAY IN list also after same incident). There is one close for $110 a night.


I guess I can put up with you and Liz.:rolleyes:

They have made the Volunteer rate available and for the Holiday Inn that is across the street from the Center it’s only $105/night before taxes so for 4 nights that’s about $500 for the room so you can get it down to about $125/person if you fill it up.

haha fair enough. I am also an adult, however as a college student, I wouldn’t mind stuffing 10 people in a room if it makes it cheaper :yikes:

Just bumping this thread since it’s getting closer to Championships

Last year, using, I got a room at the Hilton for $50.00 a night and I was only 6 blocks from the Dome. The normal rate was $175.00. One downside, I had to pay $17.00 to park.

I just looked on and the Drury Inn charges over a hundred bucks for extra people (my stepdad heavily recommends the hotel as he has done business with them often).

I’ve had Holiday Inn quad adjacent to Dome reserved since Jan.

price incl taxes fees = $620 for 5 nites total bill

if 4 share $155 (or <$40/nite!)

no one has replied to my earlier post.

contact me at [email protected] or call 310 371 7809 (Los Angeles)

I’m a retired adult RI volunteer /coach/mentor looking for 3 roomies w

there to sleep (share a few stories) and require non smoking roomies

Anyone interested?

Dale, did you see my PM from the other day?

I’m looking for one other person to room up with. 4 is way too much for me to handle. I’d be flying in Wed/Thurs (depending on when/if i can take one of my final exams early). If your interested, please PM me. Thank you

Looking for roommates myself. I have a room at the Hampton Inn with volunteer pricing, and I’ll take as many people who would help pay.

I’m thinking of flying in Tuesday (no later then Wednesday) staying Tuesday night, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and leaving Sunday. Prefer if roommates are either volunteering or a Dean’s List Finalist (from 2011).

honestly, I just want to go. If you don’t consider yourself creepy, and your willing to pay, drop me a PM