Rope and robot removal at end of game

I was planning on checking the Q&A for this, but since it’s down, does anyone know if the rope can be attached to the robot when they are both removed from the field? My team is looking at a climbing design and are wondering if the rope would need to be able to be drawn out of the robot, or if we can have a purely one-way system.

Blue box of R08

ROBOTS will not be re-enabled after the MATCH, so Teams must be sure that GAME PIECES and ROBOTS can be quickly, simply, and safely removed. Note that a Team provided ROPE may be removed from the FIELD and is no longer considered a FIELD element once removed from the DAVIT.

This. Bring your own rope and you can leave it attached to the robot, then remove it when you get back to your pit. Just make sure you’ll be able to do so safely.