Rope exploit

I was interested by this year’s rope rule of being able to supply their own rope and was wondering how other teams plan to make use of this?

Find a rope that is easy to grip, meets your needs, and isn’t too expensive.

We’re most likely going to use our own rope because we don’t like the field rope.

We’ve tossed around using 3 strands of fishing line, braided to form a rope that meets the rope specs.

In theory it would work.

the big question is how to you get it connected to your lift mechanism

How would you see it?

We are going to use a magic rope, with our Pilot being the Magician. The rope would coil around the robot and lift it.

We will be bringing our own rope so after the match we do not have to remove robot from the rope but rather the rope from the ship.

How has nobody said cheesecake yet?

Cheesecake? did I do it right?

Steel ring on end and a magnet???

I suggest you read the rope rules under inspection.