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Since Q&A is down right now, I am interested in your opinion on an eye splice (

I believe either taking a few small diameter ropes and weaving them would be legal under I04-D or the splice may count as a knot per I04-F. What are your thoughts?

If this is legal, do you think it is legal to have the end of the splice be “… whipped, fused, covered in heat shrink or tape, or dipped in a coating material to prevent fraying” per I04-D? The fused part would at the end of the eye splice at the top of the loop.



It seemed you answered it yourself. The eye splice is indeed a knot, the rope is allowed to be weaved, and the end can be “whipped, fused, etc.”. So yes, I would say.

If you are using a tubular type of rope (Spectra and Dyneema fall into this category and are awesome, you should go buy some right now!) here is a way to form a loop without needing any whipping of the end of the line. Very clean and very strong.

Now that Q&A is back up I see Q57 will confirm for sure.


When you get an answer to your Q&A could you please post it here?

I would advise caution with Spectra and dyneema blends, both of which are just Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene. Both spectra and dyneema while incredibly strong have 2 large drawbacks that must be dealt with intelligently. The first is that it is incredibly slippery and does not hold knots well. That is why in most climbing applications UHMW-PE is used primarily in sewn runners. If knots are used they must have sufficient tails tied into the knot as most knots will slip under load.

The second on more trouble some problem is that spectra and dyneema dont react well to any kind of shock loading. A 120lb load dropped from as few as 2 feet can cause the webbing to fail as it has no ability to stretch. If you are concerned in the least with any possibly shock loading of your line. A static nylon rope in 8-12 mm range would probably suit you best.

I can link you to drop tower tests from black diamond showing how spectra fails if your interested.

( In addition to a Robot nerd I am a rock climber, hence knowing more than you probably wanted to know about rope and knots lol )



Is a splice considered a knot for the purposes of altering the rope?
asked 5 days ago by FRC 3407 ROPE


No, a splice is not a knot. Splicing is defined as “join or connect (a rope or ropes) by interweaving the strands.” Thus, a spliced ROPE does consist of fibers woven together (per I04-D), but would need to satisfy the 1 in. maximum width specified in I04-A