Rope Knot

How many knots can you have on your rope? Our rope has 2 knots but we aren’t sure whether or not that is entirely legal. Also is there a height requirement of where the knot can be on the actual rope that hangs?

look at rule section I it tell you how many knots and what type you can have::rtm:: ::rtm:: ::rtm::

“I04. ROPES have to be inspected. A Team must submit any ROPE they intend to use in a MATCH for Inspection. A ROPE must meet the following criteria (see Figure 9-2 for letter references):
A. have a maximum width (W) of 1 in. (nominal) (e.g. exclusive of any knot widths)
B. be designed/configured to be at least 5 ft. 3 in. (~160 cm) long measured from the side of the ROPE’S retaining feature (per I04-E) that abuts the DAVIT fingers (L), to the farthest point on the ROPE from this feature.”

Does this mean that the part inside the Davit counts in the 5 ft 3 inches???

You tell me. The rule you quoted tells you quite unambiguously the answer to your question.

You can have any amount of knots so long as the rope is no wider than 1 inch and the knot(s) are no wider than 10 inches. As I understand it any amount of knots is allowed so long as the rope (in its knotted configuration) itself meets the specs provided above.