Rope weights and shape

Hi folks,
The team would like to know the following:

  1. can a weight be added to the bottom of the rope?

  2. can one add something to the rope to have it maintain its shape (e.g, krazy glue, etc)?

Thanks in advance for any info that can provided on these issues

No to both.

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There’s a million threads on this, a million questions, and a bunch of mildly helpful rule updates. Your rope has to be exclusively fibers (no weights or glue), the last four inches have to be be (mostly) unmodified, and when you hold the rope perpendicular to the ground, it can only stay straight for tenish inches.

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You’ll have a tough time convincing a RI that either of those comply with I04, in that neither of those items are non-tacky, flexible, non-metalic fibers sewn, twisted, tied, woven, knitted, crocheted, intertwined, or braided together.

IF the “weight” and “something” are composed of fibrous non-metallic material that follows the relevant rope rules, yes.

But glue would not be allowed.