Roseville FireBears, Team 2846 2014 Robot

Competing this weekend at 10000 Lakes Regional.

6 wheel .125 center drop dead axle using JVN tube axles.
2 speed Vex Ball Shifters geared for 14 ft/s high and 6 ft/s low speed, four CIMS.
5052 .090 Aluminum for the drive train.
4" Vex VersaWheels, with 5mm HTD Gates belts.

5052 3/16" Aluminum.
Pick up from either side.
Presets for selected angle locations (safety, truss, floor pickup, inbound)
Vacuum (impeller from scavenged Craftsman Shop Vac, housing for impeller 3D printed ABS designed by CAD team)
775 motor for vacuum.
2 CIMs driving the arm via AndyMark ToughBoxes.

Mega2560 (Arduino) driving lights.
Odroid driving Kinect for visioning.