Rotary Actuator

We got our pnumatics today, and got our 90 actuator. However, the ports are smaller then the rest of the pistons. We didn’t get any fittings this small in the kit. The part number on the actuator is PT-017090-M

Anyone else get the actuator and find a diffrent size fitting needed?

Or are we just crazy headless chickens?


we didn’t have fitting and had to order them, but a word of wisdom, they dont take sheer force well, I’ve had 2 adapters snapped, one from overtigtening and one from a freshman playing catch with it. the ports were about $10 a piece in thier catalogue.

No - My team is the crazy headless chickens. :smiley:

Try Macmastercarr 1-330-995-5500 10-32 to 1/8 npt f 5454k69 I think 6.45 per pack


Ended up going with Polyester Instant Tube Fittings , Part 51215K203 instead.