Rotary Encoder (optical etc.)

Does anyone happen to know of a specific rotary shaft encoder (part number, source etc.) that will work with the default code that Dave Lavery discussed in the kick-off? It looked (and he mentioned) that the robot had an encoder on the gearbox output shaft of each side of the robot.

We would like something with a resolution of 500 ticks/rev or greater. It would also need to mount onto a shaft that is 1/2" or smaller. Lastyl, we would like to order two of them asap and would prefer not to have to create our own custom circuit.


Yes, mr kevin has the code on his site. Here are the two encoders that he has mentioned. You should download the encoder code and read the readme and the spec sheets for the encoders.

His code was tested with “grayhill 63R256
and 61K128 quadrature output optical encoders.”

Hope this helps

It looks like those encoders are available from digi-key, however it seems like they are not the hollow shaft style, which is much prefered.

Any other options?


We figured out the desired resolution without a problem, but are having trouble digesting the code. We’re still learning about programming, and this is our first time with encoders.

Can you be more specific?

Goto Mr.Kevin’s FAQ

As it mentions that the optical output should be quadrature, i am very new to encoders;however, i think that as long as the output is quadrature you will be able to hook it up with the rc with some tweaking. I was looking around for some hollow shaft encoders, but didnt find one to my liking. If anyone knows a hollow shaft encoder or finds one please do post.

Edit:- Make sure you get a resolution that will suite you.