Rotating camera image

Hey, we have got our axis camera working with the robot. Right now we have the camera mounted sideways (rotated 90 degrees) and we can figure out how to rotate the image one the dashboard 180 degrees but not 90 degrees. Is this possible and if so could you let us know how to change this. Thanks

What Language?

In LabVIEW: Go to the functions palatte, then to Vision and Motion -> Vision Utilities ->Image Manipulation. You will find a VI called “Rotate Image”, with an input (double type) for Degrees. I recommend doing this on the Classmate end as the cRio is already doing a lot of work to handle vision processing.

I don’t know about other languages.

We are using JAVA but thank you for the quick responce!

We are having trouble rotating the image 180 degrees using Wind River. I see the rotate function, but it doesnt actually do anything when I call it. Other camera functions like WriteBrightness and Write Resolution do not work either. Do I need to call something after those functions to finalize the changes?

It works for us. After creating our camera object (camera166), we call


This actually stops and restarts the camera so you have to wait a few seconds.

How and where are you doing this? To declare it did you just do AxisCamera &camera = AxisCamera::GetInstance();? I have all our camera code in robot init. It has the GetInstance of the camera, then write brightness, compression, and rotation, however none of those functions work. I just get the default video on the screen.