Rotating Images programmatically

You know those images you can put on the front panel by dragging the file into the window?

I was wondering if there’s a way to rotate these images based on gyro heading from the robot? Also wondering if there’s a way to move them left and right from within the program?

If these can’t happen, I’m gonna have to revert to a different language, which isn’t ideal for this application…

There is an example program in LabVIEW about rotating an image. I’ve adapted it for the gyro. I’ve gotten the rotation representation of the robot working on the minimap at least.:smiley: I probably should share what I have finished with the min map huh…

Please do!

I will try to get it tomorrow night. I keep forgetting to grab a copy of what I done.

I’ve gotten a button to move position with property nodes. but I haven’t been able to rotate it. But a picture is definitely more preferrable then a button, if we can make both rotation and position movement happen