rotating light

Posted by Shakirul Alom.

Student on team #227, Roboknights, from John F. Kennedy High School and PCCC.

Posted on 2/9/2000 11:38 AM MST

How do we program the light to rotate?

Posted by Noah Blumenfeld.

Student on team #331, Convir, from Washington Irving School.

Posted on 2/9/2000 12:18 PM MST

In Reply to: rotating light posted by Shakirul Alom on 2/9/2000 11:38 AM MST:

: How do we program the light to rotate?

You dont have to. Just attach the light to one of the SPIKE relays, and plug the relay into relay port 8. The default program turns on the relay attached to relay port 8 whenever power is applied, and turns off when power is disconnected.

Also, I have changed the default program without it affecting relay port 8. But be careful.