Rotating the robot in the middle of an autonoumos driving command

Our team is using a “Pure Pursuit” controller to follow a path. Currently the algorithm only knows to drive forward-only or reverse-only. We wanted to know of any good ways to rotate the robot in the middle of the way without completely stopping and rotating the robot, so for example we can drive autonomously from the Rocket to the Loading Station and collect a Hatch Panel (we can collect a Hatch Panel only from one side of the robot).

Depending on how complex you want to make the path you follow, you might want to look into Pathweaver. It’ll allow your robot to follow a predetermined path and will most likely be much easier than coding the motor controllers directly to do it.

If you wish to work with the motor controllers directly, the software documentation for the motor controllers explains it quite well. Assuming you’re using the Talon SRX, the Closed Loop Motion Control Profile Mode of the documentation should be what you’re looking for.

I would recommend turning at the beginning or end of the path, not in the middle. There isn’t a way to turn a skid steer robot in place while maintaining continuous translational motion.

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