Rotating Turret

I was wondering how Robonauts had made a rotating turret for their 2017 robot Ruckus. Do they implement a lazy susan to rotate the turret around and or do they implement another design such as team 254 and their robot from 2016. If anyone has other ways of making a rotating turret could they please broaden my knowledge. Thx

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You can download their CAD off of their website. But I think they used a gear

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Here’s how we actuated our turret in 2010.


Do the 6 bold through the rotating plate hold guide bearings on the bottom that ride on a circular ring? I’m trying to see what is providing the rotational axis constraint.

We did something very similar for our 2018 robot. We used a big lazy Susan gear powered by a wiper motor. If you’d like I could send you more details but I’d have to dig through some files. It worked well for the most part with some issues regarding lots of momentum on the gear as our systems were heavy. Another thing to keep in mind is electrical as wire can get caught when getting twisted (if your e-board is under the turret that is).

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Thank you. I am also wondering how you guys had mounted the turret. Did you implement bearing at the bottom that ride a circular ring or did you guys implement a lazy susan?

Thank you

As has been mentioned, 118’s CAD is online on their website, or on Spectrum’s CAD collection.

Here is a cross section through the turret bearing:

And here’s a view of the motor that drives the turret. It’s a 775pro through a versaplanetary that drives a gear at the base of the rotating part of the turret.

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what CAD software did you use to open up their files? I tried using inventor but was unable to open it up

I did used eDrawings because it opens massive STEP files quicker than Solidworks does.

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