Rotor 1 Slot Direction

I’m noticing from watching Granite State and Waterbury that the slot that activates rotor 1 is facing opposite directions. At GSD it faces toward the 3 lifts, but at Waterbury it faces the Neutral Zone. This seems like a significant advantage toward scoring auto rotors. Has anyone noticed this at other events?

You mean it is about 1 foot closer to the center of the field?

Since so many events had to rush to finish set up, don’t be surprised if half of events have it mixed up.

Granted it may not be quite as significant as I made it seem, but I have seen matches here and there where pilots miss the auto rotor 1 by a second or two. The part that bugs me is any sort of variability between events, especially in districts.

Maybe it’s just me. Not much to be done about it anyway except to know for future events.