Rough Draft Posters

Just wanted to see what you guys think about these. I sort of deviated greatly from my original idea for them, but I am kind of happy with the outcome. They could still use some work, though, so I’d like to know what you think I should change to improve them.

This would be printed on green paper, BTW. I’m just using a green background to design.

2011 Rethink Fun.pdf (396 KB)
2011 Rethink Positions.pdf (356 KB)
2011 Rethink Scholarships.pdf (321 KB)

2011 Rethink Fun.pdf (396 KB)
2011 Rethink Positions.pdf (356 KB)
2011 Rethink Scholarships.pdf (321 KB)

First, good design.
I like the incorporation of pictures as well as a graphic pattern, but if you’re printing on green paper, neither will look very good. How will the white show up? The pictures may look very green.
Also, you may want to consider using this as only a background. Maybe put information right on the poster to cover some of the empty space.

Hmm, I never thought about how the pictures would look on the green paper. I’ve never done print designs before, so I don’t know what sort of issues these would bring. Maybe I should print a test page to see how it comes out?

Also, I’ll look into putting the meeting info on the poster itself, but the plan is to print out stickers and just slapping them right on. That way, we just print out another set, put them on top of the old one, and not worry about printing more full sheets.

Comments are “engineering” perspective. First, generally a good design and good commonality between the three panels. Now for details:

  1. Think about who you want interested in the posters. The top should be a BIG hook to entice reading. The “meeting notice” has to be a strong call to action. (the punch line of why they just spend the time reading.
  2. 13.8 million is strongest opening-- “Non-engineering Roles” is the weakest.
  3. Lots of reading! I wonder if average HS student will stand still and take it in.
    4)Left picture should be MORE FUN. Maybe a cheering drive team in competition. The people on the left should be looking INTO the poster.
  4. Lots of “NOT” words. Try to ALWAYS use the Positive language.
  5. In "non-engineering: "real world engineers DO deal with budgets, marketing, sales, expectations, and communication. Robot is not the Start. Its just the theme for the team to focus activities around.
  6. Long prose can be changed to short positive bullet points.
  7. Make sure “call to action” is is BIG TYPE and easy to find. Not embedded in the text.

Keep at it. Poster design is a special discipline. Find the art/graphic arts/photog teacher and ask for input. Hand it to freshmen and see where their eyes track, how long they spend reading.

Make 2 more in the series to hand out to sponsor companies to cover mentors and sponsorship.

Recycle paper is a good concept but these would be better on a bright white 40-60 lb gloss paper, especially if a lot of words remain.

Can you do a 1/2 page version for school news paper or sponsor paper/newsletter?
Keep it up.

Thanks. I figured there were a lot of words.

I’ll work at them tonight and upload the changes tomorrow.

By the way, any suggestions for the “Non-engineering roles” title? I’ve been struggling to come up with a good one for that poster.

Put all the zeros in on the scholorship poster. $13,800,000 looks more impressive than $13.8 million.

On the Non-Engineering Roles

change the “even Team Spirit” to “and Team Spirit” - Team Spirit is a great part of the team, not something to be dismissed, which is what I got from the wording.

How about a title like…

We Want You
Fun For Everyone
We Have a Job For You
Even Engineers Are Welcomed

BTW, These are great posters. Would you be OK with them being used by others?

I feel like many people probably don’t really know what actually being built in “robotics club”. Because none of your other posters had robots on them perhaps you should make a fourth poster clarifying that, “No, it’s not like battlebots.”

Otherwise really cool posters.:slight_smile:

Interesting. I’ll try the zeros idea, Gary.

Thanks for the titles, rsisk. And it’s OK if others used them! I’m sure someone will be able to do even better than myself.

lol! That’s a very good point. I’ll try to come up with something for a fourth poster.

No printing company would attempt to print that on green paper. They generally never use white ink. Instead they’d print the green with ink.

But that shouldn’t be your concern, the printer will know what to do.

If you plan on printing these yourself, then go TO a printing shop and ask them for advice. Almost any will be happy to spend 15 minutes impressing you with their knowledge, and for a good cause.

As for the concepts, I like them very much. Sure, a word tweak here or there, but overall excellent concept. Find someone local in marketing or advertising and ask them for advice. Again, it’s for a good cause…

Thanks. I decided to switch to white paper, green print, which will be reflected on the new posters when I put them up. I don’t know what I was thinking with the white print idea. Also, I never thought to go talk to a marketing or advertising agency/professional.

Side-note: If anyone wants to use variations of these for their own purposes, they are just .doc files converted to PDF. Message me if you want the originals.

New copies attached. Changed background to white, text/border to green, headers to black, added custom bullet point images, changed a few pictures and their layout/sizes, reworded and removed some phrases.

As always, I love the constructive criticism. Keep it coming.

2011 Rethink Fun.pdf (285 KB)
2011 Rethink Scholarships.pdf (241 KB)
2011 Rethink Positions.pdf (199 KB)

2011 Rethink Fun.pdf (285 KB)
2011 Rethink Scholarships.pdf (241 KB)
2011 Rethink Positions.pdf (199 KB)

Getting much better.

“Scholarships” looks like a real estate add from a distance. Maybe a cap and gown shot instead. Say “$13.8Million Available”

Take “below” out of the “come to next meeting” line.

I like the paw print bullets.
Is there a particular goal your are trying to use the posters to achieve?

Hahahaha!! Wow, thanks for pointing that out.

Whoops, must have missed that one. I thought I removed it before converting to PDF.

Thanks. And I guess the goal is just to advertise the team, really. Everyone knows robotics is building a machine and programming that machine. I figured if they knew about the other positions on the team, along with the scholarship opportunities, then they might be more comfortable with joining the team.

It’s just an effort to take a bit of the “nerdiness” off, I guess.

I like these a LOT, and may be tempted to borrow the idea. (Actually, they’re way better than the “engineer designed” ones that we’ve used for a few years!) In exchange for potential plagerism, feel free to borrow our team’s motto:

“It’s NOT Just A Robot Thing!”

Thank you, Thomas, feel free to take that idea. I’m glad people like these. I’m thinking about creating a website, and putting that URL on the posters instead of my team’s site. Make a bit of a campaign out of it. :slight_smile:

It would be great if more teams would post their recruitment posters all in one gallery and allow others to modify and adjust for their purposes. See some not so great or okay posters that I put up on C.D. some years back with also drew upon some posters by the FireBirds.

2007-2008 academic year posters

2006-2007 academic year posters

FireBirds 2005 posters

Oh I definitely plan on posting the .doc files for people to modify themselves. I just don’t want to do that until I’ve received the input from CD, my team, random high school students, and administration.

Alright, here’s the latest round of changes. These will be presented to the school’s new principal in a few hours, so wish me luck! I’ll be posting the Word files on CD later today for anyone who wants to use them.

I’m also working on the website this week. Thinking about using the ever-popular QR Code on the posters, so people can load the site on their phones.

2011 Rethink Fun.pdf (326 KB)
2011 Rethink Positions.pdf (198 KB)
2011 Rethink Scholarships.pdf (162 KB)

2011 Rethink Fun.pdf (326 KB)
2011 Rethink Positions.pdf (198 KB)
2011 Rethink Scholarships.pdf (162 KB)