rough scouting sheet 2014

This Is our teams first draft of the 2014 scouting sheet, double sided so there would be six slots per robot. Any additions or suggestions are greatly appreciated, im concerned mostly about the assist part.

Team.docx (56.5 KB)

Team.docx (56.5 KB)

A few thoughts:

Assists are going to be tough because a total number of assists probably won’t directly correlate to how good the bot is at assisting. My suggestion is to keep track of some assist-related capabilities(e.g. can they pass, herd, catch etc.) for each robot, and then use subjective comments to keep track of each robot’s general assisting ability.

Speaking of comments, they are extremely important, and thus should have plenty of space available to be recorded. In this game especially, teams will make contributions that won’t show up in any quantified data.

For autonomous, make sure scouters are trying to understand what each robot is trying to do with their auto mode. This allows you to keep track of success rates for autonomous, which is really important for Aerial Assist because a missed high goal shot could mess up the whole match for an alliance. A team that scores in the low goal 95% of the time is likely much better than one that scores in the high goal 50% of the time.

Also, one small correction: I don’t think a low goal score in Autonomous can get a Hot Goal bonus.

Yes - the hot zone bonus applies to the low goal as well as the high goal.

One issue I can see lies in the small picture of the field on the sides. This is a good idea to include, but as is it could be difficult to quickly make judgments from. You’ll need to note somewhere for each match which colour Alliance a team is on so that you can easily tell if they were playing the first or last position in a typical chain of Assists. However, that would still mean looking back and forth and having to think about what is what. Consider re-labeling the Red and Blue zones to something like “Cycle Start Zone” and “Scoring Zone”, so that alliance colour doesn’t matter.

Another thing to consider would be to use your same field drawing to mark shots during the match. This has the added bonus of showing you a robot’s shooting range. Basically, make the field drawing a bit bigger, and have scouts mark shots from where they were taken with small symbols (ex: a check mark or an ‘X’) designating if the shot was a goal or a miss, if it was in Autonomous, if it was in the Hot Goal, and so on. Truss shots could be a short arrow showing the path the ball took over the truss from launch to landing, with a circle at the end if it was caught (you’ll probably want to record who was catching from who in your notes).

Thank you for all the suggestions ill put them all forward and see what I get.

Also, I don’t believe the low goals are ever “hot” so you may want to nix that slot and use the space on the sheet for something else.

Low Goals are hot just like the high goals

“If the BALL is SCORED in a HOT GOAL, the ALLIANCE earns an additional five (5)-point bonus. Each pair of an ALLIANCE’S LOW and HIGH GOALS are sequentially HOT for five (5) seconds during AUTO”