Round belts information needed

Hello, people of Chief Delphi, I am looking into using round belts this year on our collector and saw some teams used this in the past for the 2009 game(Lunacy). After looking at McMaster I’ve noticed lots of different size options for the belt width and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction as I have never used them before. Also any tips for working with round belts, O-ring or solid core or hollow core. Thanks!

These threads may be helpful.
Also searching CD for info about “polycord” as that is the typical material for that style of conveyor.

1678 prefers 1/4" solid polycord for our belts. We have a “fancy” welding clamp we use to make nice clean weld joints if you are interested I can post pics.

These are great places to take the conversation, since they cover basically the exact stuff. Closing this thread for neatness. :slight_smile: