Round Belts or Flat Belts?

Which type is best for ball collection? I know a lot of teams used round belts (polycord) for Lunacy.

In 2009 we used Round belts for horizontal intake and flat belts for vertical ball movement.

Both worked really well.

Flat belts tend to seek the highest point - contrary to what you would think.

Round belts will stay in a groove if you put them there. Flat belts will stay on a high point if you put them there. It’s just a design choice.

Gonna necro this thread to see what the conventional wisdom is 8 years later… I’ve always used round, but have (generally speaking) seen a movement towards more flat belt usage in recent years. What design considerations would you have that would lead you towards one versus the other?

I have always found round more forgiving

If using flat, crowned pulleys can often be effective.

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Round belts will require a larger diameter pulley that flat belting in the sizes commonly found on FRC robots simply due to their cross sectional profiles, which may play into packaging.

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Round seems to be substantially cheaper.

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We used round in 2016, flat in 2017, and flat in 2009. Can’t say anything for certain yet except that all options are on the table still for this year

Also flat is all orange, at least I haven’t found any that isn’t

Vex and wcp sell black iirc

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Oh yup.

I have also seen teams using 15mm wide HTD belts. If you get the KOP chassis every year you probably have a pile of these since you only use some of the belts that come with it to build it. I have not checked to see how grippy they are on this year’s balls, but what may seem like an expensive solution on the face of it might actually be free to your team. (plus you don’t have to deal with welding them into loops)