Round Scouting

Hi we’re a rookie team and we were wondering: what kind of things are good to look for during the game in terms of round scouting?

Pushing Power, Speed, Certain Skills (i.e. picking up tetras, pushing tetras under goals, getting tetras off loading platforms). Make it as simple as possible and as unopinionated as possible.

[Edit: After lunch I’m gonna work on this with some of the other members, we’ll post back specifically with what we come up with.]

Sorry it took so long to get back to this, but we never got around to it. Here’s the topics to rate robots on that we came up with though:

Driving speed
Pushing Power
Arm Speed
Arm Power
Overall Capping Speed
Driving Skill
Win/Lose and Point Total

these are just some rough categories though and will be fine tuned.

Perhaps “match” may have been a better word for the title of the thread. When I read it first I thought circular and then I thought round numbers (2, 4, 6).

Anyhow, here’s what I think is important to look for.
Consistency in "plays"
Winning pushing matches
Driver skill
Efficiency in game play.

Good list, though, i would add reliability. A good robot is only good if it can do what it was made to do consistently. Also, what they do in autonomous mode would be handy too, though, this could be included with your comments.

I would also add weak points to the list. This is key in strategy, if your alliance knows how to effectively keep opponents from doing what they are best at then that should open up the offensive capabilities of your alliance.