Round Shaft Collar Alternative on Bushing

I am using these plastic bushings from McMaster and 0.5” ID round shaft collars from Vex to mount our intake.

The side-to-side forces on the intake were greater than expected and the shaft collars keep coming loose.

Any ideas on how I can hold the bushings in place so that they can take a good amount of side-to-side load? It is holding two 1/4” polycarb plates together, so the snap bushings aren’t an option.

I can’t imagine the design fully…pictures? or a sketch?

Does something go through the bushing? How much room do you have on each side of the assembly?

What we usually do is have a tapped hole going through the shaft. Then we use a bolt with a washer on the end of the shaft and spacers as needed. This prevents anything from walking off and can handle a lot more force.

I don’t understand fully but what I’d do is use button head bolts very close to the bushing hole so when you tighten down the screw, it retains the bushing. The other option is use a strong epoxy adhesive

Here are some pictures.

The plates fit around the bushing. The bushing is exactly the length of both plates + the shaft collar, so there is 0.25” of extra space without the collar.

I use this whenever I am securing something on a hex shaft, the issue is here that the bushing is bored and so there isnt a place to drill+tap a screw hole.

Are those pictures exactly what you used in competition? If so, the thing I see immediately is that the bushing is going to deform under pressure, causing the shaft collar to loosen and the whole thing to fall apart.

Try putting a shaft, same OD as the bushing ID, inside the bushing. As others have suggested, drill and tap both ends, then put a small screw and a washer on each end to retain everything. Make sure to loctite the screws, and you should be good to go.


We haven’t competed yet, their weakness has just shown itself in testing.

I’ll try that, thanks.

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