Rounded Rectangular Extrusion

I’m trying to source something for work based upon a COTS product we’re modifying. The structure of the product is made from extruded, rectangular tubing with rounded edges – it’s 2 3/8" wide x 1 1/4" tall; 1/16" wall. The rounded edges are a 5/8" radius.

Does anyone have any idea where I might be able to get some more of this stuff? I don’t care if it’s aluminum or steel. I can use regular rectangular tubing, but the aesthetic value of the rounded tubing is important.

Those shapes are usually specialty items where the company that use it owns the tool. You might try Metal Supermarket. We buy a lot from them and they might be able to help. They have locations all over the US.

Looks like a keyword is “Oval Tubing”, but a google search of that term with “extrusion” doesn’t produce any immediate or obvious results.

After noticing JesseK’s link was unfortunately to steel oval tubing, I figured I should do some more googling. The profile in question seems to be primarily a marine-use shape. Here’s a place with some similar stuff, if you search for “oval” on that page.

A little bigger than you want…

Sort of:


^ Aircraft Spruce is a good company to deal with, I have dealt with them before. Fast with shipping too. Never ordered metal stock from them though.

The tubing with that shape is out there, it’s just trying to find it in the exact dimensions you need.

(Funny thing is, when I saw the sketch Maddie posted, I suddenly remembered our old patio furniture. The framework had the same profile! The chairs and table were all aluminum too.)