Router on top of RoboRio

So, my team wants to try something a little different, and this involves something maybe somewhat unusual.

Would it be legal to stack the Router (the small one which was given out this year) on top of the RoboRio? The router fits perfectly on top of the RR, and it doesn’t obstruct any ports or anything. It is just sitting on top of it, taped and zip-tied down (not to tightly with the zip-ties though… don’t want to damage the RR :wink: ).

Just asking to make sure we don’t have to change it right before inspection and maybe break something. Never hurts to double-check, right?

I can’t find anything to prohibit this setup.

However, the inspector may want to get at the RoboRIO to verify other rules regarding what must be connected to it.

We have done this as well. As long as all ports and lights are visible (including the MXP, even if you’re not using it), I didn’t find anything against it. Remember that you will have to remove the radio at the event for configuration for use with the FMS.