Rover Ruckus Rules on Detaching Parts

In section G15 in the 2nd part of the manual, it says:

“Tethered components that move independent of the main Robot
are considered a detached component and are illegal.”

By move independent does this mean something that can be controlled? Would it be against the rules to have a hook that detaches on the lander and uses a winch to pull the robot up?

From what I understand that would be legal, as long as the hook can’t be controlled and doesn’t move independently from the rest of the bot

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As I read it, the key item here is the last sentence of G15, shown in bold:


A hook is clearly a “robot part”. Intentionally detaching it on a string or similar not-even-close-to-rigid tether is against the rules “unless permitted by a Game Specific Rule”. Remember, the boxes are intended to clarify the actual rules - in this case the rule answers the question directly, and the box is apparently for emphasis.

If that hook were on, say, a telescoping antenna or tool handle which was at least nominally rigid? I’d guess it was legal, but would definitely check Q&A or have a plan B to put in place at competition were I planning to do it.