RPI camera white balance changing automatically

My team and I recently began to do vision processing with OpenCV on Raspberry Pi (using the WPIlibPi tools). We tuned the camera properties and set them to “manual” using the WPI web interface (such as brightness, contrast, AWB, etc.), and for some reason, even though we set all of the properties to manual mode, the white balance still changes automatically. Does anyone know why this happens and if it’s bypassable?

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What USB camera make/model? This is not an uncommon problem, unfortunately, as USB cameras are designed for video conferencing. The order of applying settings can be important too. You might want to try a different camera.

If you aren’t yet, I’d highly recommend looking into using one of the raspberry pi cameras (flat cable connector, not USB). I know this is solvable on that camera for sure. Plus, latency and frame rate are better.

We used the Raspberry Pi camera v1.3 and we also tried v2.1. Both are connected through CSI.

We are using the Raspberry Pi camera v1.3 (we also tried v2.1), Both are connected through CSI. How do you solve the problem while using one of these cameras?