RPI first program

Hello every one. As many of you know RPI lacks a first program. Well im just posting this message to get the ball rolling and see who wants to get involved. So if you want to do first at rpi please post responses

Well, there’s a chance I’ll be going to RPI next year (mostly depends on whether or not I recieve the RPI Medal from my school or not), and in the case that I do infact go to RPI, I’d be more than happy to help with a team, although I wouldn’t be able to start a new team by myself.

I do have a friend at RPI that is a Computer Systems Engineer and Management Major (dual major), and he may be interested, but I’m not really sure yet. I’d be more than happy to ask him and give him your contact info if you’d like though, the next time I talk to him.

Oh, and a tip that I hear every year from the college students, don’t start a new team by yourself your freshman year. I’m still a high school senior, so I can’t say I know why yet, but I can guess why it’s a bad idea :p.

to let you know, RPI is involved with the local team 250, Capital Region Robotics, you can contact me more about them as i am a current member and also there are some local lego leauges i think some RPI people help out with. Hope i was some help.


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**to let you know, RPI is involved with the local team 250, Capital Region Robotics, you can contact me more about them as i am a current member and also there are some local lego leauges i think some RPI people help out with. Hope i was some help.
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There is also some interest to restart a seperate RPI funded team. The capital district needs more than one FIRST team.

I don’t have details yet, but we’ll see what happens…:smiley:

Nuz, IM me at JNoon2 if you want more information.

Well i am currently talking to a few teacher or professor to see what going on with rpi and a first team, because we have troy HS next door and we hgave machine shop and we have a engineers only thing needed is motivation hard workign people cash and a HS so hay trying to see what i can do so that i can get one started for next year

Check out www.team20.org when i get back from break i will be getting lots more info on the subject from a proffessor who is involved.

what about team 1493??

Hey, my name is Brandon Rudy. I’m a freshman mechanical engineering major at RPI who is currently living in Barton. I am alumnus of team 365 (MOE) and I would really like to start a team involving Troy High School. I would like to get together with all who are involved for a meeting to figure out how we can do this. Anyone who is interested can email me at rudyb@rpi.edu or call my room extension 5808. Thanks.

Doing somwthing with troy high would be great mostly becasue its right their. However their isnt anything that we can do right now for it. Id say lets talk to the faculty who is involved with a a team and then lets get his support then we can approach troy high. But yes lets all have a meeting when we get back.

I graduated from RPI and would like to see more teams supported by them.

I suggest that anyone interested come to Hartford next weekend. Teams 20, 250 and 1493 will be there and are currently supported by RPI. Talk with their mentors to see how they secured this support. If you have a contact at Troy HS, bring them too, support from the HS is important and the easiest way is to get them to an event!

Okay, a brief history as I know it–
I’m an alum of Shenendehowa HS and 250/20…
My father is one of the head engineers on 20.

Shenendehowa HS has been involved in FIRST since 1992, and for yeaaars was sponsored by RPI. (Then Nynex, then Bell Atlantic, then Verizon, then GE…)

During the “musical chairs” of number assignments in 1997-1999 team 20 became team 250 (after being 102 for a year also).

Later on, team 250 picked up a 2nd High school.

Then this year, due to some differences, Shenendehowa HS split from Team 250 and restarted their old partnership with RPI.

FIRST gave them back the number 20.

The mentors from Shenendehowa convinced RPI that FIRST rocks (yay) and RPI decided to start a rookie team, as well as fund team 20… that is where 1493 comes into the mix.

20 has a solid base of engineering support and a veteran HS teacher (Paul Kane who has done this for 13 years now).
1493 is just finding it’s feet this year with help and mentorship from 20.

How will RPI students become involved in the future?
Hopefully… by turning 1493 into the next powerhouse of the northeast. :wink:

I’m not certain, but I don’t think 250 has RPI support. I think they are still a G.E. team (I’m embarassed to say, I’ve lost touch with them, and their website hasn’t been updated in a while). Dez might know more.

If you are interested, stop by the team 20 or 1493 pit at UTC and Atlanta. I’m sure they will have information. Also, you can contact them through their website.


PS - if you stop by the 20 pit, you may get the chance to meet my father! (John A. Neun) Feel free to blame him for how I’ve turned out. :wink:

Also, let Paul Kane know we expect 13 more years. (or more) :wink:

John is correct for the most part, 250 is still partially sposored by GE (different sub-companies) and also has interaction with RPI students. Anyone is always welcome to team 250, but currently i would say team 1493 needs the most help. I give a big congrats to them for their first FIRST robot and also for what they have accomplished in 1 year. Troy HS would be a great addition to the FIRST community and i wouldnt mind giving help to Troy HS also if they were to start a team.
Good luck with all your adventures…