RPI GE FLL competition

Well Rochester FLL got a thread so why not the competition for the capital region. Is any one else going to be at RPI this Saturday for a little FLL action?

I personally am not going to be, but two of the FLL teams I founded and mentored back up in New York state are going to be (once again)!

Last year I went to RPI’s competition, and I thought it was incredibly well run. The pace and timing of the competition were perfect, the venue was awesome, and I thought the emcees, referees, and judges did an excellent job. One of my teams received the runners-up director’s award, and the other I believe got the third place director’s award.

That year, we also went to Pace University’s competition (we were ineligible to receive any awards, however, because we previously competed at RPI). We found that it wasn’t as well run as it used to be, so we decided not to return this year.

Good luck, and I hope everyone has fun!