RPI Medalists

Well it is time for Honors and Awards nights, who are the Class of '06 Medalists? Did any one get it in years past?

I was informed just the other day by my robotics coach (and science teacher) Mr. Lindsay that I was this year’s recipient of the RPI Medal!

I think it was originally going to be a suprise at the awards ceremony this Friday, but our robotics team was planning on making a presentation to one of our major sponsors the same day, and I would have missed the awards ceremony if I went… so Mr. Lindsay told me about it so I could be here to get the award.

I am very excited about it… even though I am not sure if I will attend RPI, it is an honor to be given this recognition.

Congratulations to all the other winners out there.

– Jaine

I just found out today from my guidance officer that i’m Bronx Science’s class of 2008 RPI Medalist.

Anyone else find out yet?