Rpm of the agitator

I cannot seem to find in the game manual the rpm speed of the agitator for our field and for testing shots? Can anyone else find them?

I’m curious as to why you’d need that information–there’s enough other random stuff that knowing it probably won’t help, and I’ll guarantee you that just putting the agitator onto your robot as a shooter won’t be optimal for shooting–all it’s there for is to keep things moving in the Hub.

That said, I suspect that some reverse engineering of UPPER HUB Agitator Replica for RAPID REACT℠ - AndyMark, Inc will help you answer the question.

For those that don't want to do the research and math

The power train appears to be: pneumatic wheel, 1:1 belt drive, 12:1 CIM Sport, CIM. CIM runs ~5500 RPM, 12:1 reduction, wheel is spinning at ~460 RPM.

Just to see if the spinning wheels will ever change how the ball interacts if we shoot directly into the center, also so we can have our mock field as close as possible to the real thing. Finally to see if the probably of any of the exits changes based on input position.