RPP Scouting Sheet v2 Release

Howdy y’all!

Last year I released the first version of the RPP scouting sheet for the District Event in Irving. It was fairly successful in predicting matches but lacked a good amount of features. This release I wanted to add a few more features to make it a bit more useful.

Newly Added:

  • Team Lookup
  • Alliance Builder

I am very excited to showcase the Alliance Builder. This feature will build a pick list for the user based off of how well teams have been doing. The beauty of RPP is that it doesn’t skip over sleeper picks. These are teams that are performing really well but are going under the radar.

To use this sheet, you need to enter in the number of points each team scores per match as well as how many points in penalties are lost per match. This usually requires six scouters (one for each robot) and can be a decent bit of work. However the end result can be fairly helpful and doesn’t need to be changed year to year.

The method of data input is left up to the team.

This sheet is not as plug and play as others out there. So if you have questions please feel free to ask. The sheet can be accessed here

(It is currently loaded with the match data from the 2022 Roebling division at Worlds but penalties have been skipped due to time constraints)

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