RS-385 usage

Now that the robots have been shipped, I’m dying to know if anybody is using the RS-385 motors from the kit. These little guys make even the Mabuchi motor from the last couple of years look gargantuan. So, does anybody actually have one of these attached to their robot right now?



I’m using one in an underwater robot. Does that count?

We didn’t use any of them this year, due to not having had any aspects of the robot which needed a small, lightweight motor. However, if the RS-385 motors had been in the kit last year, we definitely would have used them for the “hand” of the robot instead of the servo motors we used (which turned out to be underpowered for the task.)

I think some teams used them to power a vacuum turbine…

Team 86 is using 2 RS385 motors to power the ball grabbers on each claw tip with a Banebot gearbox.